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Hotel Boutique Spa in Barbastro (Huesca).

Jacuzzi/Hydromassage bath in the room, exclusive Spa Circuit (closed to the customer), and restaurant with Spanish gastronomy.

Spa & Relax

We propose a circuit of Spa for the exclusive use close to the customer.A corner away from it all, intended solely for relaxation, pleasure and health of body and mind. River waters and different treatments.

Piscina Cromoterapia
Tumbonas Calefactadas
Sauna Humeda
sauna seca
Duchas Bitermicas


Follow the arrows and make a tour to all corners of the HOTEL SPA CIRCUIT: Go straight to enter the room where the thermal showers, dry sauna, steam room and heated pool. Return to the entrance and turn right follow the arrows to reach the relaxation room with heated thermal loungers. The images have been taken with the spa circuit off.

The circuit of Spa, exclusively for the client, includes:

Bithermal Shower Spray with scents.

Scottish thermal shower.

Dry Sauna aromas.

Turkish bath.

Colour Therapy Relaxation room, soothing waterfall, thermal heated loungers.

3 cabins for different types of massage and aromatherapy.

Cromoterapia pool, Jets, and Geiser massage, waterfall cervical massage, countercurrent swimming system, and all accompanied by music from different



Hats, Slippers and Bathrobe.


The bi-thermal showers Feelings are a traditional element in any resort and spa centers.

Reactive blood circulation, refreshes, relaxes, perfume, skin tones of our body, and helps us find the balance between body and mind.

Thermal shower (hot and cold water).

Cycles combines hot and cold water upward beginning in the feet, passing through

the waist and shoulders to get to the head. After a massage balances the

circulatory system. Recommended for unavoidable finish after heat treatment, and

to provide the best welfare.

Bithermal Shower Spray – Mist Flavoured with essential oils.

Cycles combines hot and cold water with the exception that at the time of

receiving cold water soluble aromatic oils also contributes. The oils were diluted

with cold water does not alter its main benefit is intended to improve the

circulatory system to provide the best welfare.


The Turkish bath or steam, also called Hamman (bath, in Arabic), has been

practiced for millennia. This is a moist heat bath where the temperature is not

uniform in the soil between 20 and 25 degrees, five feet about 40 degrees and 50

degrees at the height of the head. It also has a relative humidity of 99%, which

causes the classic “fog.”

In these habitats the heat is generated due to the hot water flowing through pipes

and radiators in the walls of the rooms.


• Heat is subjected to body forces you to accelerate your metabolic functions,

increased ventilation, acceleration of blood circulation and stimulation of the

nervous and hormonal systems, resulting in an overall improvement of health.

• Allows for greater oxygenation and regeneration of tissues. Helps slow the aging

process of the skin.

• The steam produces a balanced expansion of the pores and gives a profuse

perspiration, in addition to eliminating toxins and impurities, stimulates blood


• With the expansion of the pores of the skin, the steam makes cleaning deep and

lasting that leaves the skin smooth and velvety.

• From a therapeutic view of the Turkish bath moisturizing the airways, an

expectorant for cold, cough and hoarseness. It also helps to combat bronchitis,

sinusitis and other respiratory ailments.

• The lungs and his entire bronchial system increase their ability to exchange

oxygen and general ventilation.

• Relaxes the nervous system., Therefore, is very beneficial results for all people

who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

• Suitable for teens with acne. and for men, because smooths and softens skin,

making it easier shaving.

• It is less stressful to the body as the sauna, despite the psychological effect of

‘burden’ to produce the ‘fog’.


The sauna is characterized by a dry heat ranging from 80 º C to 90 º C and a

relative humidity very low, which is only 15%. Sauna baths are taken in the quarter

sealed timber, with steps to rest, the higher, more heat-, in which the

temperature is obtained by heating in a place of no sandstone rocks, fed by

electrical heating, reaching the filament.


• Exercises the cardiovascular system. The high temperature causes increased

metabolism and strengthens the heart muscle due to the heat dilates blood vessels

and increases heart rate.

• Eliminates toxins. Opens the pores and cleanse the skin of impurities. Through

perspiration, the body eliminates, among other “waste products, heavy metals

(lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, cadmium …), alcohol, nicotine and sodium.

• Improves breathing. Helps clear the airways. More fluid mucus that may exist in the bronchi. In case of colds or cold, after a session you will notice a big

improvement. It is proven that patients with obstructive lung disease transiently

improve pulmonary function.

• Improved joint diseases. The combination of body heat, improve circulation,

releases endorphins and warm up stiff joints relieves pain and discomfort. A hot

body is less sensitive to pain. Has a positive effect on the locomotor system and the

psycho-emotional state, in addition to relieving arthritic pain.

• Prepare the body for other therapeutic and beauty treatments. After a sauna,

state of the skin and muscles is ideal to submit to a massage or any treatment

involving the application of any product (cellulitis, obesity, hydration of the skin

deep ….)

• Other applications. It helps muscles recover after exercise the body, reduce

cellulite and fat deposits. It is also beneficial in case of sprains, neuralgia, muscle

spasms, joint stiffness and overall musculoskeletal disorders.


Heated loungers – THERAPY

The finishing touch to relax after applying a treatment.

It has a temperature of 38 ° to the surface.

They are perfect to combine with other treatments such as saunas, steam baths

and other baths as part of the resting phase in which the property is enhanced from

the previous step.

The Romans used the name SPA (Salus Per Acquam – health through water).

Water is the origin of life, it came almost all species that populate the world today.That broth is life for man, a stock of health, a call to its origins.

The water potential for strengthening and recovery of tired muscles, making it theideal medium for both athletes and physically exhausted workers to executivesstressed.

The oxygenation of the water exerts a beneficial effect on the body in contact with theskin, through it, oxygen enters the blood and lymphatic system.

We are water, from 66 to 70% of our body is built for water.

For many experts, the SPAS is the best preventive medicine because it stimulatesblood circulation, relaxes muscles, opens the pores, promotes full oxygenation of the skin, tones and removes toxins, firms the skin due to its rejuvenating effect, combatfatigue, stress, and depression or anxiety, and that lowering blood pressure, lowerstress levels. It also relieves arthritis pain, bursitis, and bone and musculoskeletaldisorders. It is recommended for stomach ulcers and for the recovery of fractures andsprains.

A cold bath of 16 ° C to 29 ° C promotes vasoconstriction and stimulates circulation, when appreciated mostly the effect of a spa massage and muscle relaxation throughand the jets with seat, geyser massage, waterfall and swimming counter.

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