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Hotel Boutique Spa in Barbastro (Huesca).

Jacuzzi/Hydromassage bath in the room, exclusive Spa Circuit (closed to the customer), and restaurant with Spanish gastronomy.

Story of a boutique hotel in Huesca

El hotel San Ramón del Somontano de Barbastro (1903-2009)

Hotel Spa con encanto

habitaciones con jacuzzi

Hotel con spa privado

Hotel con jacuzzi

4 * Hotel – Spa Boutique are looking to offer a quality stay and personalized service.

San Ramon New Somontano hotel 4 star hotel opened in 2009 is located in the old hostel San Ramon, who was a hotel landmark since 1903 and which now forms part of the twentieth-century history as one of Barbastro edifcio more characteristic of urban identity in the city. The old inn was a modernist building that remained open until 2000.

In the rehabilitation of it, thanks to the dedication and esntusiasmo of the current owners of the building, Salamero family have managed to keep this symbol of the history of the city. The building preserves the facade including ornamental plaster moldings on the balconies as hallmarks of the old building.

The last seventy years of the twentieth century the hotel was run by an exceptional woman: Dona Josefina Bosch and Fajarnés. Died in late 2000.

The Hotel San Ramon, declared a Cultural Heritage Inventory of the Government of Aragon, is located in the center of Barbastro, capital of the Somontano is located next to the S. I. Cathedral of the Assumption (national monument in 1931), the Paseo del Coso and the Episcopal Palace.

The hotel has witnessed the passage of customers from the likes of Joaquín Costa, Miguel de Unamuno, George Orwell, Miguel Fleta, José Agustín Goytisolo, Luis Miguel Dominguin, Juan José López Ibor Sollana (1906 – Madrid 1991), most important Spanish psychiatrist past century and more international recognition. And a host of popular song and dance as Sara Montiel, Maty Yonseyama, International dancer, Tomny Larsen, World-renowned comic eccentric, Lolita Astolfi, Star of Spanish dance, Conchita Piquer, famous pop star, and Distinguished Teachersbullfighters as Andres Torres (The acolyte), Sebastian Palomo Linares, José Fuentes, Gabriel de la Casa, Francisco Ribera (Paquirri), attracted by the charm, modern and elegant, contemporary cuisine and good taste, due to the influenceFrench, since its inception in 1903. Another guest of the old inn was Don Jose San Ramon Type, father of the founder of Opus Dei.

More recently, major music stars such as Amaral, and after his inauguration in 2009, bands of great stature as The Secret, renowned soccer players and bullfighters of the likes of Francisco Ribera Ordóñez.

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