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Hotel Boutique Spa in Barbastro (Huesca).

Jacuzzi/Hydromassage bath in the room, exclusive Spa Circuit (closed to the customer), and restaurant with Spanish gastronomy.

Never stop traveling

Traveling allows us to discover new places and stimulate our senses.
We must seek balance, break from time to time the monotony and comfort of the “sofa and blanket at home”, with escapes to new or already known places that take us out of our comfort zone, to make us live experiences that will give rise to good memories that will live with us, that will reduce the stress of the current life and that will give us a smile.


There are people who have a “traveler gene”, who always look for a place to make a small break, others cost more, but once they leave, they disconnect and realize that it has been worth it.
Because traveling is usually a source of satisfaction and new experiences. It is not necessary to make thousands of miles or leave the piggy bank to zero, all trips add positive for our mind.


We reduce stress. Nowadays life is lived at a frenetic pace, the obligations do not leave hardly hollow to the time to enjoy the small pleasures. As we travel, we go out of our routine and daily tasks give way to “moments for ourselves” that allow us to enjoy that moment of our present.
Increase your happiness. We leave for a few days the family obligations and concerns and we dedicate ourselves to doing activities that we like. It is proven that during travel we segregate different hormones that produce happiness.
Expand your circle. You interrelate with new people. In addition, today, all the people that dedicate ourselves to hospitality with vocation, we seek that our clients have a satisfactory stay to 100%, so you go and meet with people who look for your well-being and that will make your trip more pleasant …

You dare?

At the Hotel Spa San Ramon we have a lot of experiences waiting for you.

La labor del Restaurante en las Escapadas Gastronómicas

Escapadas Relax Spa Hotel San Ramón
Escapadas románticas hotel San Ramón

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