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Hotel Boutique Spa in Barbastro (Huesca).

Jacuzzi/Hydromassage bath in the room, exclusive Spa Circuit (closed to the customer), and restaurant with Spanish gastronomy.

custom menus: custom-made.

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Two weeks ago, we stayed at the Hotel to a group of foreign clients. We were very impressed by the “CULTURA DEL TAPEO” in Spain, and they asked us for one of the days of the stay, a menu made to measure based on tapas.
Our kitchen team, which is in full creative phrase, prepared a menu based on 6 tapas. Our maître, prepared a selection of wines for the occasion, with the wines that best enhanced the flavor of each dish.
The customers enjoyed it very much and came out happily. The truth is that it is a pleasure to get out of the rut and offer different things, and much more when a customer asks for something special and you can prepare it with care, carefully and completely personalized to the diner’s taste.

There was once a customer who asked if it was possible for us to prepare a TASTE-BASED TASTING MENU ··· 📷 In the photos you have the result.

Would you like to come and taste the flavors of the Somontano to the Restaurant San Ramón ?.
Phone: 974312825

Menús personalizados restaurante San Ramón

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